Sunday, October 23, 2011

Hot Cocoa: 6 Ways

It is the time of year to break out the hot cocoa! While unsweetened cocoa powder can be low in calories, it still gives sweetness and a chocolaty flavor to anything you add it to. Try these non-traditional ways to use it this winter.

1. Cocoa smoothies- add a packet of cocoa powder to a smoothie for an extra chocolaty flavor

2. Cocoa Pancakes- add the packet of cocoa into the batter of pancake mix

3. Cocoa cottage cheese- Chocolate flavored cottage cheese? High in protein and sweetness, add some trail-mix on top for a treat.

4. Chocolate Yogurt- flavor vanilla yogurt with cocoa powder for a chocolate dessert without adding lots of sugar or calories

5. Chocolate peanut butter- add powder into peanut butter for a chocolate spread for toast or fruit

6. Chocolate Fruit Dip- add powder to vanilla Greek yogurt and use as a chocolate-flavored fruit dip


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